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W4CGP Callsign History

My callsign formerly belonged to Chet Atkins. I wanted the callsign because I am a fan of his playing and I thought the callsign was appropriate considering the music I play. I never got to meet him and he died before I became involved in amateur radio but the fact that my callsign formerly belonged to him is special to me.

Atkins held the callsign as a vanity, and prior to his obtaining the callsign, it was held by Oscar Ballew. I have no other information about the history of this callsign, but I imagine that Ballew was the original holder of this callsign. Prior to using W4CGP, Chet's call was WA4CZD.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. I can't guarantee a contact, as I am at school 8 months out of the year with no radio equpiment.