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Software I've Written

I've worked on several major software projects since I first started programming seriously in 1999. While many of them have not and never will be commercially viable, some will. I list the projects here so you can get an idea of my software background.

Ping Logger: I will probably release this program when I have time to sit down and finish it. Developed for a friend of mine, the program is a small application designed to run on the user's computer and log whenever their Internet connection goes down. Connection detection is done through a series of remote pings based on a list the user defines.

Whois Web: This program came into being as an answer to a problem I faced in the days of dialup: domain name availability searches were painfully slow. The program started out with just a "whois" lookup section, with the domain list and IP address sections coming later. Also included was a (now out-of-date) list of ICANN accredited registrars and their price for domain names, making it easy to comparison-shop registrars. I've all but ended active development on the software, and it has not had a major overhaul since 2002. Originally freeware, the latest version is $29.95 with an unlimited trial.

LeadFocus: Began as a management tool for a website I designed for my mother. It evolved into the program it is today after being modified and then redeveloped for two major corporations. This software is customizable to fit customer needs and that's where the beauty of it is: it's a generic Web-based lead management tool that's modular enough to be fitted for almost anyone.

FormBound: Written in PHP, FormBound is a utility I wrote as a secure form mailer. Rather than put the pertainent mailing information in the HTML, it's in a read-only template file. When used properly, this setup is unbreakable. I finally released FormBound on May 13, 2009, after seven years of development.

ShellBound: A "jailed" shell I wrote in PHP to restrict hosting customers with shell access. The software allows a limited range of programs to be run and keeps them jailed inside their own directory. Since this is an in-house product with some major flaws, it is no longer in use and will not be released publicly.